Above, our original Fuji line prior to 2016

Back in 2016 we identified the need to invest in new SMT equipment to satisfy our growth targets and our customers’ technological requirements. We extensively researched the vendors available on the market to ensure that we were selecting what would be the right machines for us. Our requirements were simple – we needed reliable equipment that enabled us to reduce our changeover times but were still capable of handling high volume production. Our research resulted in one vendor standing above the rest – Mycronic. Although not the cheapest we felt the Mycronic equipment offered us the best industry features and return on investment. We purchased their Stencil Free MY600 Jet Printer (Ireland’s First!) followed by a MY200SX-14 + MY200SX-10 Synergy Line. This was coupled with their offline Material Handling and Process Software.

Above, the first Mycronic line installed mid-2016

This proved to be the correct decision for us and enabled us to hit and exceed our growth targets. Midway through 2017 we realised that we needed to expand our SMT capacity once again. After the success of the first Mycronic line the choice of vendor was already made, we then had to assess our options. We decided to not only purchase a second fully automated line but to also exchange and upgrade our existing line to give us maximum flexibility and redundancy. We invested in the new generation MY700 Jet Printers plus MY300DX-17 & MY300LX-11 Placement Machines in mirrored Synergy Lines. The result, a capacity increase of over 140%, enabling us to meet the increasing demands of our growing customer base.

Above, the latest Mycronic Synergy Lines installed beginning of 2019 resulting in a 140% capacity increase!

These lines were installed at the beginning of 2019 and once again we have been delighted with the increased capacity, flexibility and additional quality benefits from this ultra modern equipment. After all we are still Ireland’s only CEM offering Solder Jet Printing Technology.